Real Girls Gone Bad Sexy Shoot #4 part 1

Here’s 19 year old tourist Abby from Bristol. We first saw her on the beach and she was wearing this sexy bikini which caught our eye and she kept laughing amongst her friends, so we approached her and asked if she’d like to do a shoot with us, at first she seemed a little shy and said she’d think about it, so we gave her our number and said to contact us if she wanted to shoot – we never thought we’d hear from her again, but a couple of days later she called and said she’d do a shoot on the last day of her holiday – RESULT!! It was great shooting Abby, she was very bubbly, has an absolutely gorgeous face, and a fantastic figure. Watch her dance and strip naked to some sexy songs – there’s a good mixture of angles in this scene. She turned up wearing some funky trainers which we got her to keep on while she danced. She’s got some sexy piercings too! Again, we 100% guarantee you this is Abby’s first ever shoot, she’s a genuine amateur and is 100% exclusive to us. Stay tuned for Part 2 where you’ll see Abby getting a little bit naughtier!!

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