Sexy Shoot #5 part 1

Some of the RGGB team were on a night out in London when they saw 2 girls dancing with each other in a club – most of the club were watching them grind on each other, so of course RGGB approached them, asked them if they’d be interested in doing a shoot – and they seemed keen, turns out these 2 girls actually participated in a Wet T-Shirt competition in Magaluf the previous summer and ended up being fully naked on stage in front of a packed club, licking each other out.  Sadly we don’t have any footage from that insane night, but we did manage to get them to do shoots for us, separately, and we’ve turned the heat up for you as these shoots are very NAUGHTY!! First up is 19 year old Amy from Essex, who has great set of natural tits! Enjoy 😉

Photo_1_full Photo_2_full Photo_3_full Photo_4_full Photo_5_full Photo_6_full Photo_7_full Photo_8_full Photo_9_full Photo_10_full Photo_11_full Photo_12_full

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