RGGB – Ibiza Babes #3 (Part 1)

We were introduced to 21 year old Stephanie from Bristol through her friend Poppy (Ibiza Babes #2). After Poppy’s shoot, she called Stephanie up right in front of us and recommended she do a shoot, Stephanie laughed it off at first, but we left her our number told her to chat with Poppy and to get back in touch if she was interested – a few days later, she called 🙂 She was great fun to shoot, she danced as best as she could, shaking her tits and ass all over the place, she had lovely natural tits and she wore sexy geek glasses for some bits – she must have been so horny during her shoot as her pussy got nice and creamy!! We also ended up shooting Stephanie and Poppy together, so you can look forward to this update soon.



Photo_1_full Photo_2_full Photo_3_full Photo_4_full Photo_5_full Photo_6_full Photo_7_full Photo_8_full Photo_9_full Photo_10_full Photo_11_full Photo_12_full





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